Sunday, December 23, 2012

Choosing Trading Charts

Once you have decided to add forex trading charts as part of your trade strategy, you will have to find the right trade software. There are a variety of factors that forex traders use to choose the right software, so make sure you know what you need if you have to purchase the software.

Don’t forget; always try the demo software before making a decision to buy.

One of the most important factors when choosing forex trading software is the cost, but more importantly you want to know what technical indicators are available. If you’ve been using a demo account with a specific set of indicators then the software you settle on should have those same technical indicators.

The other features you want to make sure you have to properly read forex trading charts is historical data and trade capability. Sometimes you want a bigger picture look at a particular currency pair, especially if you rely on economic indicators and technical analysis. This is where historical data comes in very handy, so you can get a glimpse of where a currency pair is going.

Finally you want software that allows you to trade from the charts. If you have to spend time going from trading charts to trading software, you will waste precious time that could mean the difference between making money and losing it.

The most effective traders rely on a combination of these two strategies; economic and technical indicators. Combined you get the most accurate outlook possible of the forex market.


  1. Is there any software in particular that you recommend for trading from the charts?

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